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GitHub Account (contains some things not listed here)

Program / Library Year Started Notes
Ariamis 2021
What to Play 2020
Cognitive Complexity for TypeScript 2020
Quelaag 2019
TypeScript Call Graph 2019
Super Noughts and Crosses AI 2017
Clippy-Music 2017
Chrome Extension Year Started Notes
No Playlist Autoplay For YouTube [Chrome] [Firefox] 2018
Comic Owl 2016
SatiricAlert 2015 No longer running.
Game Year Started Notes
TTT Custom Roles 2020 A fork of the original custom roles mod.
Heavy Traffic 2019 Made in under 48 hours; winner of Level Up UK Season of Jams 2019
Social Occasion Simulation 2017 Made in under 48 hours
Colours and Cool Stuff 2016 Made in under 48 hours
Arms Race 2016 Made in under 48 hours
Crossroads Polished 2015
Super XO 2015
Hangman 2014 No longer running.
Crossroads 2013
Website Year Started Notes
Tite 2016
Yugi Holes 2015 No longer running.
Colour Changing Clock 2014
Mafioso 2013 No longer running.
A Little Survey 2013 No longer running.


The interface for these quizzes was created by me and can be found on my GitHub.

Game Quiz 2020 Play Resources
Game Quiz 2018 Play Resources


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Name Type Year Notes
How to Host TTT Guide 2020
Taste of Thomas Blog 2020 Ongoing
What I Wish I'd Figured Out Sooner Blog 2017 Ongoing
Solved Lacunas Dictionary 2016 Ongoing
Legend of Zelda: Whatever-direction-the-dowsing-says-ward Delivery Boy Ramble Review 2016

Physical Games

Project Year Started Type
Monopoly Two 2016 Board Game


Title Year
Super Noughts and Crosses AI 2020
"Go" Language Introduction and Paper Critique 2018

Recommendations & Dissuasions

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