Browser Extensions


Ajay's Improved CTRL+S Hotkey Disabler


Pressing ctrl+s doesn't bring up a save dialogue for the web page.


Allows you to add custom css to web pages on a per website basis every time you visit. You can use a GUI and edit the CSS directly.

Dark Reader

Applies a dark mode to any web page. It can be turned off on a page by page basis, although it's not obvious that you have to click the website name in the UI to do this. I think it's very good at making pages still look right and is a vast improvement to most websites, sometimes out-doing the site's own dark mode.

Alientube for YouTube

Allows you to switch between YouTube comments and Reddit comments for any YouTube video. It gives you a choice of subreddits where the video has been posted.

Sometimes YouTube comments are cancerous, and sometimes Reddit comments are too, but it's nice to have the option.

Reader View

Removes page clutter and allows you to read web pages in a clean, highly formatable format.

Sprint Reader

Power Reader

This is good in combination with Reader View. It flashes the words in order on screen so that you can read faster without the overhead of moving your eyes or head.

Tab for a Cause

Replaces your new tab page with a customisable tab that includes a couple of adverts. You can donate the advertising money you generated to charities of your choice.

Script Injector

Injects scripts into web pages. You must specify the site and a URL for the script.

Web Injector

Injects a single JavaScript script into every page you visit. The script is an editable text field in the extension's options. You can use an 'if' statement to execute specific scripts for specific sites.

Comic Owl

This is an extension that I made. It automatically saves your position in web comics and other web series. It relies on you stating the position of chapter and page numbers in the URL, so that when you visit a later chapter or page, the extension knows to update your position.

Comic Updater

This extension has the same purpose as Comic Owl, but is probably preferable. When you click the icon it checks your bookmarks and updates the most similar one to the current URL with the current URL.

Edit This Cookie

A cookie editing widget for the current page.